Zong Internet Bundles

Zong Internet packages include Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bundles. On the basis of price, volume and validity these bundles even offer further packages. For other details and information scroll down and choose the best one that suits you.

Daily Bundles

Good night offer2.5 GBRs. 16+TaxUseful from 1 am to 9 am
Daytime offer1200 MBRs. 16+TaxUseful from 4 am to 7 pm
Daily Data Max500 MB Data + 500 MB You tubeRs. 49+Tax1 Day
Daily Basic100 MBRs. 23+Tax1 Day
Free Google Map250 MBFree1 Day

Weekly Bundles

Bundles VolumePriceValidity
Super Weekly Max25 GBRs. 325+Tax7 Days
Super Weekly Plus8 GBRs. 250+Tax7 Days
Super Weekly Offer4 GBRs. 200+Tax7 Days

Monthly Bundles

Bundles VolumePriceValidity
Monthly Premium 40 GB40 GB (Incl. 20 GB 1 AM – 9 AM)Rs. 744+Tax30 Days
Monthly Premium 20 GB20 GB (Incl. 10 GB 1 AM – 9 AM)Rs. 575+Tax30 Days
Monthly Premium 5 GB5 GBRs. 300+Tax30 Days
Monthly Basic 500500 MBRs. 150+Tax30 Days
Monthly Mini 150150 MBRs. 50+Tax30 Days

Social Bundles

Bundles VolumePriceValidity
Social Pack100 MBRs. 10+Tax1 Day
Classified Pack (Daraz, Kaymu, Pak Wheels)50 MBRs. 5+Tax1 Day
Free Facebook Offer50 MBRs. 5+Tax1 Day

How to subscribe

For subscription you can dial *6464# to the activation menu.

For Data Check

  • For checking data quantity and expiry date dial *102#.
  • For checking it charges are 10 paisa+tax per inquiry.


  • Resources of youtube are not included in rollover resources.
  • For Youtube and Tapmad TV services, Youtube can be utilized for these services.

Terms & Conditions

Taxes/ Charges would be applicable on every bundle mentioned below:

  • On every recharge of bundle 12.5% of Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate are applies.
  • On usage of bundle 19.5% of General Sales Tax (GST) are applies.

Out Of Bundle Charges

Out of bundle charge is Rs. 1+Tax/MB and on per bundle expiry it will be charged.

Zong have its official app My Zong App. You can also buy bundles and other products from app. On first sign up customers gets 200 MB for free.My Zong App is available on google play store and apple app store.

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