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You will never get bored of YOWhatsApp, one of the many WhatsApp versions. You should download YO WhatsApp APK if you want an application like WhatsApp, but it is a modified version. The best version of the popular App is YoWhatsApp APK, which we will tell you about. Here is an article explaining all the new features of the app and how to download it. You can learn more about it by reading on.

A new era of connectivity has been introduced with the arrival of WhatsApp. It engulfs everyone with end-to-end encryption. Deliverability statuses and blue ticks indicating messages are among the main advantages. The messaging function of WhatsApp was initially a fee-based service, but it later offered services for free. However, people demanded greater functionality. YOWhatsApp versions have been modified to fix these problems.

What Is YO WhatsApp Apk?

Yowhatsapp Apk

This APK has been developed by Yousef Al-Basha, an enthusiast and app development developer. This Whatsapp stands out from all the rest due to its unique features. YoWhatsApp APK free download version, as we’ve seen already, is a modified version of the original WhatsApp APK which is more advanced than many of the other versions of WhatsApp APKs on the internet.

Every time the latest version of WhatsApp arrives on the Google Play Store, the app developers update the app. A more accurate description of YoWhatsApp is YOWA, but you can also call it YOWA because you can use it and enjoy all the features it offers. Clicking the download button on the site will allow you to download Yowhatspp APK.

YoWhatsApp Apk Download  v8.86 Latest Version

There is no need to look elsewhere if you are looking for YoWhatsApp for Android. Why? You can count on us for help. You can download the file by clicking the link below. YoWa Apk for Android can be downloaded with one click through this download button. You can download the file by clicking on this button.

How to Install YowhatsApp Apk on Android?

Would you be able to tell me how to install Apks on Android? The first time a new Android user installs an Apk, however, many have difficulties. The process of installing applications from third parties is a very simple one. In general, apps are installed through the play store, so no manual installation is required. It is not available in their store due to their policy. Therefore, it must be manually installed. No problems if you are not familiar with installation. The following steps are simple to follow and will get you up and running in no time

1) Before starting to use YoWhatsApp, be sure to download the app from the link provided above.

2) Go to the downloads folder and search for the Apk file you downloaded.

3) Tap on the “Install” button after clicking the Apk file.

4) Wait a minute or two for the installation process to begin.

5) Click the “Open” button after the Installation has been completed.

6) You now must enter the number just like the other WhatsApp, so come on the number and wait for the OTP code. Just fill in the blanks when it arrives, and you’ll have your own new Whatsapp  

The Requirement to install YoWhatsApp APK

Please find below a list of the app’s requirements.

  • Android phones must be used.
  • Installing the YoWhatsApp APK requires uninstalling the official WhatsApp.
  • Internet access is required.
  • The steps require a sense of logic.
  • A downloaded version of the app is required.

New Feature of yowhatsapp:


Yo theme

WhatsApp needs to get rid of those annoying green ul. Yol hemes are cool WhatsApp themes that can be customized. Several stunning themes are available with a simple click. Once YoWa is installed on your device, you will have the option of selecting YoThemes. At any time, a new theme can be chosen.


Emoji variants

YoWa Emoji Variant comes with so many awesome emojis. Your contacts can choose from a huge selection of emojis thanks to this option. Only one post has been published on our blog, Emoji Variant. A variant without emojis is not available on our website. You can download it as an Emoji Variant. All of these emojis are available only in this app.


Send long videos

The maximum size of YouTube videos is 100MB, while WhatsApp’s is 20MB. There is no better feature in the world. Is it If video size exceeds 100 megabytes, can this extension be used? You can’t send it via WhatsApp; you’ll have to upload it elsewhere and share the link instead. The maximum video upload size with YoWhatsApp is 700 MB at a time. Surely you haven’t believed me, but please confirm it for yourself.


Default lock

WhatsApp chats on Android do not need a third-party Lock app. In YoWa, you can choose between passwords, patterns, and fingerprints to protect your chats. As of now, such features are not available in the official WhatsApp App. To use other App Lockers, you must install them, It can be locked with this application. YoWa users will always love this feature.


Freezer last seen

With one click, you can freeze your Last Seen if you don’t want to show your WhatsApp online. As soon as the feature is enabled, regardless of whether you use WhatsApp, it will no longer show you as online. The last time you saw Yo WhatsApp was when you enabled the feature. It’s adorable, isn’t it? Your last seen can be frozen and disabled whenever you like.


Customize privacy

It is replete with privacy features. How would you describe it? Every time, it is possible to hide Last Seen, blue ticks (message seen), and second ticks (message delivered). Thus, custom privacy features are called such. The message recipient won’t know if you do anything. These three features are not available on the official WhatsApp app.


Dual whatsapp

It is feasible to use both YoWhatSapp and WhatsApp on the same device. The package name for this application is com.yowa, which is different from the one for WhatsApp (com.wa). As a result, both apps can be used simultaneously on an Android phone. You can use three WhatsApps on your phone using the different YoWA packages.


No root

For WhatsApp special ultima version to run smoothly, it is necessary to root the Android phone. Tine works without rooting, too. A rooted phone is not necessary, since it voids the warranty and has numerous side effects. It works flawlessly on both rooted and unrooted phones. There’s no truth behind the notion that apps require root access.

Top features:


YoThemes Store

There are many beautiful and amazing themes available in this mod, so you won’t get bored.


Color Phone

When an incoming call is received, your background color will be changed.


Self-Destructive Messages

Upon your contact’s viewing of your message, the message is automatically deleted.


Dual Account Feature

This is compatible with two accounts. You will save both time and storage with this feature.


Privacy Option

Besides blocking those who annoy you, you can hide your last seen and freeze it as well.


Message Scheduler

This feature allows you to send messages at a scheduled time to your contacts if you forget to send them on time…



Formatting, text colors, and a lot more can be done.


Hide View Status

You won’t be able to see your contacts’ status without their knowledge.


Anti-Delete Messages

If someone sends you a message and deletes it without your permission, it is not an issue. You will not be able to delete that message when you use this feature.


Hide View Status

 You would not be visible in the status view list of your caller on the other end of the line if this feature were available. Shortly put, you’re invisible.  


Pin chats

There are over 1000 chats you can pin.


Hide chats

Electronic fingerprint locks can also be used to conceal chats.


Message counter

Within the app, you can see the group message counter.


Status words

You are allowed 250 characters.

Additional Modification


A full range of customization options is available for YoWhatsApp, including optimizing its interface, home screen, and conversation screen, among others. Additionally, YoWhatsapp offers tons of themes and customizations, not to mention the ability to customize the WhatsApp interface with your own images. What do you think? YoWhatsApp2 is available for download now.

  1. YoThemes Store: Those who are tired of WhatsApp’s standard green theme and want to try something new can turn to YoThemes. You can choose from a broad selection of over 4000 free themes to download and apply.
  2. Customize The Home and Conversation Screen: YoWhatsApp lets you freely customize how your chats on WhatsApp and your home screen appear. The different components on the screen can be completely controlled. It allows you to customize many different colors for tabs, unread counter text, undead message text, tabs background, page title text, and more.

Universal medication

  1. App Language:. It now supports over 10 different languages so you can use YoWhatsApp. Also features Hindi, alongside Spanish, English, Arabic, German, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, and many more languages!
  2. Change Launcher Icons: A Whatsapp launcher icon on all board icons? Interested in trying something new? Whatsapp launchers offer a number of icons; all the icons are in YoWhatsApp; no third-party icon packs are needed.
  3. Conversation Cards in the recent menu: I personally love this feature of YoWhatsApp. Each time we click the recent button while chatting with someone, all our previous conversations will be stored as cards. That sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Android 5.0 and higher is required to use this feature.
  4. Close the conversation screen by swiping from left to right: Just swipe from left to right to conclude the ongoing conversation. It might be helpful to you to perform this simple gesture.
  5. Enable/ Disable message counter badge from the launcher and home screen: A very handy feature is the ability to disable the message counter badge on the launcher and home screen. I am wondering if there is a way to disable the notification badge icons and disable the badges altogether? There is a setting in YoWhatsApp that allows you to disable the counter for the messages.
  6. Disable Audio Playing Notification in Status Bar: As its name implies, WhatsApp notifies us whenever audio or voice messages are playing. This is irritating. Go to the YoWhatsApp settings to remove it.

Home Screen Modification

  1. Put your name on your home screen instead of the WhatsApp text: Changing the name of the app on the main screen will allow you to change the text in it. Additionally, the home screen of YoWhatsApp can display your status.
  2. Change the text size of Home Screen: You can change the size of text on the Home screen by using this feature.
  3. Hide Chats Divider: Removing the grey line between chats on the main screen will be achieved using this feature. Yo WhatsApp will take on a unique appearance as a result of this.
  4. Contact online Notifier: Receive notifications when a contact logs on. When your contact is online, you will receive a brief pop up message.

Conversation Screen modification

  1. Set custom Wallpaper per contact:. It is only possible to set a single chat wallpaper per contact in the official uptodown version of WhatsApp. Different chat wallpapers aren’t available for different contacts in the application. However, you can now set a unique chat wallpaper for each contact in the latest version of YoWhatsApp.
  2. Hide Contact Profile Picture::. Previously, the profile picture of contacts was displayed on the conversation screen. Now they can be hidden. Your profile picture will not appear when you turn this feature on, but only their names will appear.
  3. Hide Contact Name and Call Button: When selected, only the contact’s profile picture will be visible in the header.
  4. Hide Date and Time when copying messages:. The time and date are also copied when two or more messages are copied together on the official version. When the feature is enabled, you can simultaneously copy two or more messages, without copying the date or time, without copying the date and time.

YOWhatsApp vs GBWhatsApp: which one is better?

Although there are differing views about this question, GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are considered by the developer to be two of the best and most professional modifications of this chat app that you can download. APK 3 – WhatsApp – allows you to control specific aspects of WhatsApp and does not have anything to envy from the other two.

Is Yowhatsapp safe?

This WhatsApp version has caused concern among some users. Some issues previously made YoWA users nervous. This caused many users to encounter crashes and bugs after the update for quite some time. But most bugs and glitches were fixed with the recent update. Performance issues have been resolved for users.


Whatsapp’s user theme can be enjoyed by you without any problems. Yo WhatsApp apk enhances your messenger experience with enhanced interface features, while maintaining WhatsApp’s simple but utterly useful features. 

What would make your messaging experience more fun? Then how? Have you still not downloaded it? It’s time to go! Let me know what you think about WhatsApp after you download it. If you have any questions, please e-mail me.


How do I update YoWhatsApp (YoWA)?

YoWhatsApp is one of many whatsapp out there. Because of this, you cannot download it via the Play Store or any app distribution service. You can get the updated version via YoWhatsApp (YoWA).

 What is YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp adds additional features to WhatsApp to enhance its functionality. Users can customize YoWA by adding wallpapers, themes, tones, and many other options. Users can also add custom icons to YoWA’s user interface.

 Where to download YoWhatsApp?

like YoWA is not available via any app distribution service. But, you can download it from YoWhatsApp (YoWA) in SoftGOZA, where you can get the updated versions of other WhatsApp as well.

 Is yo whatsapp safe like yowhatsapp plus?

The new WhatsApp version is completely secure and no privacy concerns exist. Some users have expressed concern regarding this new version. But it will be fixed accordingly. And moreover, the chat is end to end encrypted so there is no need to worry.

Is yowhatsapp for iPhone is available:

As you can see, this version isn’t available in the play store, and iPhones cannot access the other retailers, so there isn’t a version for yowhatsapp iOS available yet.

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