Xiaomi Redmi 4A Flash File

On our site,  you will get the link to Xiaomi Redmi 4A clip art flash tools for your pc or laptop. The file you get is in the zip format and this zip file includes redmi 4a flash file and the manual instruction in which it fully describes how to flash your Xiaomi Redmi 4a.

Mi 4a flash file

mi 4a flash file

Mi 4a flash file download (2016116):

How to download Xiaomi Redmi 4A (2016116) Flash File:

  • First, download the file and extract it you will be provided these files which are given below

how to download xiaomi redmi 4a (2016116) flash file download

  • Now open the file of Miflash with the extension “MSI” on your computer.


  • After this download, the file called firmware on the Xiaomi phone if you have downloaded this file already then skip this and proceed to the next step, locate your stock firmware in ROM or firmware files or on google.

how to download xiaomi redmi 4a flash file system

  • Now install the USB driver to your laptop or pc if you want you can download the file separately.

how to download xiaomi redmi 4a (2016116) flash file and tools

  • Switch off your Mi mobile.
  • You have to boot your device, to do so press the power and volume down button for up to 7 to 8 seconds.


  • When the device goes to a booted state, you’ll be able to see the screen which is in the following.


  • Take a data cable and connect it to your pc/laptop.
  • At the start, the menu opens Mi flash tool.

how to download xiaomi redmi 4a (2016116) flash file system

  • After when Miflash is set in motion the screen is shown in this manner, then press the select button and search for the firmware folder.

how to download xiaomi redmi 4a (2016116) flash file box

  • After selecting the location of the firmware folder then press the button on the right called “flash”.

how to download xiaomi redmi 4a (2016116) flash file converter

  • Whenever the progress is completed then in the right column it showed up successfully completed.



Xiaomi Redmi 4A review

Xiaomi is one of the best companies nowadays which builds phones with awesome looks and features. It is not only listed in the top ten famous companies but also among the largest companies in the world. Every design is different from the previous one and the specification also even remarkable. Xiaomi creates phones at cheap prices with higher specifications so everybody can afford and take benefit of the technology.

Xiaomi launches the phone in November 2016, it has a 5-inch display no like others which are default handled in hands with their extremely large size, moreover, Xiaomi launched new color Rose Gold which is similar to the pink color. As an honest review phone should be even better on the backside and also on the front.


The 5-inch display has a resolution of 720 x 1280 with a ratio of 16:9, the display in this resolution is not ideal as compared to other sets like Remy note 4. But the structure is more impressive than other Xiaomi phones, and the backside of the body is made of plastic and the side is also made of plastic. On the right side you got three buttons one is power the other two are volume up and down.

Redmi 4a provides us the hybrid dual card slots in which sim and memory card both can be fit, Sim size must be nano or micro. The speaker is on the backside of the phone, and on the upward of the speakers there is the Xiaomi logo.


The chipset is Qualcomm MSM8917 Snapdragon 425 (28 nm) installed for the first time in Xiaomi phones, the chipset is put by snapdragon 410 and 412 which is found in previous phones. The clock rate of 425 is 1400Hz and the CPU is Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53 and GPU Adreno 308. Also, the android version is Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow), MIUI 10.


The phone’s internal storage is 16GB which is comparatively low. But you can still enjoy the gaming moments to download games like Asphalt 8, Marvel: Contest of Champions, mortal Kombat x, etc. If you ever come up with a storage problem just insert a memory card and resolve your problem. Xiaomi’s biggest regret is that it doesn’t come with 32GB storage. In 16GB, 5Gb to 6GB is already reserved so it remains 10GB space you can fill with your desire.


Xiaomi 4a comes with a single 16MP main camera with a side LED flash. Xiaomi really improve the camera this time it makes HD video with [email protected] and also has the panorama feature. Xiaomi 4a front camera is only about 5MP. Also, the photo from the back camera is not quite good, the color scheme is average in it and the quality of the photo at night and in dim light is even poorer.


The battery capacity is 3120mAH with a non-removable feature in redmi 4a. in this battery health the talk time of the phone is 9 hours, if you are regular then it gives 4 hours more. The battery capacity is not too much if you are on a journey keep the power bank with you.


Xiaomi phones also come with common features which are a lack in this era like a headphone jack and radio infrared port. If your phone is not able to connect with headphones then it’s a pretty reckless thing on mobile. This phone comes with a GPS feature if you, unfortunately, lost your mobile then you can track down the location of your phone.

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