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Images, videos, and stories are shared most often on Instagram, a popular social media platform. In the social media world, Instagram serves as a place for sharing trending stories. It is quite annoying that no one is able to download Instagram images, stories, and videos from your account. My goal for today is to share with you the best application to track your investments. The GB Instagram apk downloads every video and image you want. A third-party application is not required to download any images or videos from Instagram.  Many fake applications are available in Google and the Play store that requires a third-party application to work, but in order to use such applications, you need to install them. Then, you should download a different Instagram Apk if you do not trust third-party apps. For Instagram, use the OGinsta+ application. Android users who want to utilize Instagram’s features should consider GB Instagram.

How GB Instagram apk download for Android

Gb instagram apk dwonload The features of GBInsta have already been reviewed by you. Due to its recent launch, this will be considered the best Instagram of all time. Like GBWhatsApp,  OGWhatsApp is very popular in the WhatsApp version, it is going to be on Insta. If you have never installed an application from the Play Store and are a normal Android user, then perhaps this Apk will seem confusing. It is Ok, I am sharing below the method to install GB Instagram on Android.

1) download free the GB insta for android of 2022 from the following link  –

2) Download GB Instagram and install it on your Instagram apk download latest version 3) Whenever you install an app from an unknown source, you need to grant access to unknown sources if you have never done so before. Click the Unknown Sources check box in Settings >> Security >> gb-instagram-apk-download-latest-version 4) Instagram for Gb is now ready. If you are having trouble installing it, try it again and you are likely to succeed the second time. gb instagram apk file download 5) Log into your Instagram account after installing GB Instagram’s latest apk. gb insta for android 6) The awesome features of GBInstgram are now available.  You have now successfully installed GB Instagram on Android – I hope it will be helpful. In addition to being developed by the same person who developed GBWhatsApp, this Apk is also designed by him which is ‘Atnfas Hoak’. Because it is a version of the official Instagram app, you don’t need to worry about your details being shared with third parties. Download GB Instagram on your smartphone using the above link, so you can enjoy its many features. Our website provides you with free access to this app.

Version Information

Software NameInstaPro / GBInsta
Last UpdatedMay 18, 2021
Android Version Requires4.0+
Total Downloads10,000,000+
App Size40.1 MB
DeveloperAtnfas Hoak
Main TaskDownload Instagram Pictures, Videos, and Stories.
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How to Download GB Insta latest version for IOS

Check back below to see how to download GBInstagram onto your IOS device. You can try this on iPhone to see if it works. You’re gonna learn how to install GBInstagram on your iPhone step-by-step in this guide. This APK will work flawlessly, but before attempting to install it, uninstall the official Instagram app on your device. Let’s see how we can do this by following the below steps. There is no need to jailbreak when using this method.

  • The Tweakboxapp website is here: Tweakboxapp
  • Accessing the website requires Safari only. Activate the installation by clicking the button.

GB Insta latest version for IOS

  • If you wish to download the profile, you must allow permission.
  • After you have done that, open the Settings on your iPhone -> General -> Profiles.
  • In the top right corner of Tweakboxapp’s profile, click Install.

how to download GB Insta latest version for IOS

  • From your home screen, launch the Tweakbox app.
  • From the top right corner, select the Apps tab and then Tweaked Apps.

gb instagram apk ios

  • It will then show you the app Instagram Rocket (just like GBInstagram).

gb instagram apkpure IOS

  • You will see an installation screen after clicking the install button.
  • GBInstagram can be accessed directly from your home screen by clicking the Instagram rocket icon.

If you download an application to your phone, the first thought that pops into your head is that you’ll get banned. You don’t need to worry about getting banned or getting any issues installing this app on your Android phone. Your credentials will be safe, and you’ll be able to use this app without any issues.

Features Of GB Instagram apk download the latest version


Developers are constantly releasing new themes. The Thames will not disappoint you.

Copy Comments and bio

If you love someone’s biography, copy their comments and bio.

Zoom profile picture

Currently, there is no Zoom option for the official profile picture. It is possible to zoom profiles through GBInsta.

Highly Customisable

You can customize the app’s buttons and color scheme. The user can choose from a variety of screens, including conversations, main/chat screens, comments, home screens, notifications, and finally a profile page.

Dual Instagram

This is the best option for people who have multiple Instagram accounts

Copy/Share URLs

Image URLs or video URLs can be shared or copied. Sharing something with others will be easy with this tool. 

No Ban issues

The GBInsta has not encountered any ban issues so far. Hopefully, that won’t happen in the future.

Root Not needed

Modifications require root access for most of the apps. However, root access is not required


When the Official one gets updated, this Instagram will also be updated. We’ll add extra features to each update.

Translate Comments

You can translate the comments which are in different languages, which could be useful to friends living abroad 

Download Videos and Images

For many people, this feature is what appeals to them the most when downloading this type of versions.

Video Calls

It now supports IGTV versions 1:60 and higher

How to Download Instagram Posts

Make sure you have GBInsta or Insta Pro installed on your device if you plan on downloading Instagram posts.

  • You can download pictures from posts that you see in the application if you have selected them to be downloaded.

Download Instagram Posts  

  • It’s possible that Instagram will ask for your permission to store your pictures when you click the icon. Allowing the permissions is what I would suggest.

gb insta apk Download Instagram Posts

  • The image should then be downloaded again when you try again.
  • There is a chance you will see an option for downloading all the images or a single image if you’re trying to download the carousel.

gb instagram apk Download Instagram Posts

GB Instagram vs Instagram – What’s The Difference?

The following lists should give you a good idea of what GB Instagram offers. 

GB instagramInstagram
Through this you can view other story without showing themAs you already know there is no feature like that in this.
You can also download the story direct into your gallery You can't download story from normal instagram.
There is also the option to download the post into the gallery There is no way you can download the post 
The most interesting feature in which you can repost the picture or the video you see on the feed.You can’t repost from the feed.

Pros and Cons of GBInstagram

You can use GBInstagram for your phone in many ways. Here are a few of them. I am going to present it below.

  • Story viewer who wishes to remain anonymous.
  • The profile page will tell you if someone has followed you.
  • Images and videos can be downloaded to a gallery.
  • Your feed will be updated with any post/image you repost.
  • Images from the story can be saved to the gallery.
  • There may be a security risk with this not-official version.
  • The app is slower than the official Instagram.

Some Alternative to Instagram GB apk

OG Instagram

The old version of Instagram is called OG Instagram. The features available on Gb Insta are limited compared to this app. View profile pictures in full screen, download media files, watch videos, etc. Og Insta used to be the app of choice for everyone who used Instagram five years ago. It used to be safe back then. OG users began to drop off after the launch of Gbinsta. The year 2021 is currently upon us. The version in question isn’t used by anyone.

Instagram Plus

The GB Instagram plus apk download comes with some added features not available on the standard Instagram app. Hiding your profile, copying and pasting your comment and bio, and playing the video with an external player are just a few examples. In an upcoming post, I will elaborate on everything.


considering this post, it is very obvious that Gb Instagram is a safe and secure app. This article describes each of the features, FAQs, Alternatives of Gb Instagram apk download, and the links to download the latest version of Instagram, 3.80. Using it requires the latest Gb Insta app, which is available for download here. 


Q: Is this app available for free?
There will be a few ads in this app, but it’s entirely free.
Q:Is GBInstagram Safe?
Yes, GBInstagram is safe and secure. We do not own GBInstagram and were not the original developers. There are other developers behind it. GBInstagram is safe to use, so this answer may answer your question.
Q: How to GbInsta download for pc?
The majority of Windows and Mac computers cannot open Android files. The android emulator needs to be installed on your computer. Instagram Gb and other apps can be downloaded and installed on your computer using the emulator. On the internet, you can find many free android emulators. Several Android emulators are available for download and installation. Bluestacks is the best software for Windows PC, so you can install Gbinsta.

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