Exit Adventures In Kaiserslautern

Visiting Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The busiest time of day: 2 PM (95% of Exit Adventure visitors arrive around p.m.).

Average time spent: 1 hour (Exit Adventure ypically takes 1 hour to view.)

Exit Adventures has been added to schedules: 1 time.

Popular day: Monday

Busiest day: Thursday

Contact: +4963134370710  

Website: https://teamescape.com/kaiserslautern/

Contact: +4963134370710  

Kaiserslautern is a city in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in southwest Germany. Mainz is Germany’s state capital and largest city.

Exit Adventures Kaiserslautern is a famous Team escape room in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Team Escape is currently one of the most popular trends in entertainment. Individuals gather as a group Related to the target in a themed room and are given a clue to begin. Before time runs out, participants have one hour to gather clues and conduct escape-the-room puzzle games. Players describe the feeling as if they were entering a live video game.

History of Exit Adventures or Team Escape room:

Early games were primarily puzzles resolved with pencil and paper. Some versions are only available in digital or printed format. 

The source of the idea for the Team Escape came from Haunted homes and interactive theatres. (For example, Sleep No More was released in 2003.)

Another point of inspiration for Team escape was the video game genre “escape the room.” it required the player to find clues and objects within a single room.

True Dungeon was the first concept that resembled a modern Team escape room. True Dungeon was a live-action team-based game in which participants toured a physical location and collectively solved problems to achieve a goal in a short time, begun in July 2003.

In 2007, Takao Kato, 35, of the Kyoto publishing company SCRAP Co., invented the Real Escape Game (REG) in Japan.

Exciting Escape Rooms first launched in Australia and Singapore in 2011, with the market expanding to over 60 games by 2015.

In 2012, Kato’s friend Kazuya Iwata launched the Real Escape Game in San Francisco. 

In 2012, a Swiss physics teacher developed Adventure Rooms, a scientific escape game. Scientific riddles were added to the genre by Adventure Rooms.

There were approximately 50,000 escape rooms in the world as of November 2019.

Few Facts about Exit Adventures or Escape rooms:

Those looking for a puzzle or who wish to face a challenge can participate in an escape room. This is a small group of people, but they will make up a significant amount of your business. 

Exit Adventure put participants’ problem-solving, lateral thinking, and cooperation skills. Escape rooms are thematic puzzle-solving games in which participants collaborate to “escape” from someplace or someone. They are frequently used for social gatherings, team building, and developing crucial professional skills.

Exit Adventures test the team players by providing a variety of challenges and riddles to win or unlock the new areas and items in the games.

Special Features:

It is well worth playing exit adventures because it has several popular attractions. These escape rooms are full of adventurous activities to engage the audience. There are many escape room games in which teams of 2 to 6 players contribute to accessing the desired goal.

Escape rooms create suspense, adventure, and a compelling challenge. Maintaining the proper balance of theme and fun puzzle mechanics requires excellent attention to detail. 

Most of the escape rooms have a specific theme and design that is tied to that theme. 

  • An incredible experience.
  • High-tech equipment.
  • A nice mix of puzzles.
  • Hints that are complex and interconnected.
  • Teamwork inviting activities.


Gameplay Overview:

 Games are set in many fictional settings, including prisons, dungeons, and spaceships. The role of the players and the problems they face are usually consistent with the concept of the room. 

The game starts with a quick explanation of the game’s rules and how to win. An escape room is often played by a collaborative team of two to ten players.

First, an Escape room organizer will handle standard secretarial and administrative tasks such as making your booking and session, reporting back with your appointment time and date with reminders, and addressing any questions you have about the Escape room.

What roles are played?

There are four roles in the Team Escape.

  1. A Leader is a person who is in command of the group; they are the leader. The leader usually takes things very seriously and will go out of their way to keep their team engaged.
  2. The theorist is a thinker who understands when A and B go together. When they discover something vital, this individual will be everyone else’s “go-to” person.
  3. The expert is someone who has a deep understanding of the field of Escape Rooms. The expert may also be someone who has some knowledge about everything.
  4. The manager is the individual in charge of organizing all the material that everyone has gathered.


For whom it is best suited:

 The Exit Adventure can be well suited for families (with children under 10 to 12 years). Most Team Escape Rooms accept children of all ages. However, a minimum age of 10 is recommended for optimum participation and awareness.

The Ream escape rooms in Kaiserslautern provide a one-of-a-kind experience for vacations with family or friends, birthdays, bachelor parties, corporate outings, and other occasions.

Around 37% of groups have players over the age of 21, 14% are families with parents and children, and 19% are groups of players under the age of 21.


Things to know before your visit:

 From Frankfurt to Kaiserlautern, you can ride the Inter-City Express elevated train. The trip lasts 112 hours & costs €32. S-Bahn also connects it to Heidelberg (114 hours) and Mannheim (1 hour).

When you book online, you can pay in person or by credit card, PayPal, or internet transfer. It is not feasible to pay on account.

You will either receive the voucher as a code through email or in person on the spot. The certificates can be redeemed for the complete range/range at the site at each location. They offer drinks, snacks, books, and other items besides the games.


Other attractions in the vicinity:

Attractions that are commonly visited either before or after Exit Adventures are the 

Ehemaliges Pfaff Werk. Pfaff is related to the sewing machine company Pfaff which has been dormant since at least 2009.

Other places of interest in Kaiserslautern are Kaiserlautern Botanical Garden, Kammgarn, and Palatinate Gallery of Art.

 Games that take place there:

Exit Adventure comprises games such as “organizing things into patterns,” as substitution ciphers, riddles, Word games, crosswords, Sudoku, word search, and mathematics are examples of escape room board games.

Jigsaw puzzles, matchbox puzzles, and chessboard; and physical interaction games such as hunting for a missing physical object, building an object, negotiating mazes, or unwinding a rope knot.

In short, exit adventure or Escape room is a game in which a group of players hunts for clues, solves riddles, and completes tasks in one or even more rooms to accomplish a specific objective in a set amount of time. 

How much does a game cost each player?

 2-3 people: €33.00 or €22.00 for each person, for €66.00.

Four people: 19.00 € per person, for a total of 76.00 €

Five people: €17.00 per person, for a total of €85.00.

Six people: 17.00 euros each, for a total of 102.00 euros.

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