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Would you like to become a chef at one of France’s fine restaurants? Are you lacking the material, time, and money to prepare delicious food on your own? You will not be able to resist this when you have Cooking Fever APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems). With your own restaurant, you will be able to operate a business and make your own dishes from all over the world.

A lot of people enjoy cooking as a hobby. I have noticed that they seem calmer after taking this in times of anxiety. But this dream couldn’t be fulfilled solely by them – some aspire to be a chef of a 5-star restaurant. Does that dream still haunt you? Your dream hobby can be fulfilled through this.

Cooking Fever Apk for Android Free Download

Cooking fever mod Apk

This cooking fever game gives players the chance to discover what it means to be a world-class chef. I will return again and again if your dishes are as good as yours. A quick-service restaurant or an Asian restaurant will be available as well. Cooking for customers and experiencing new dishes will put your culinary skills to the test.

Also, since you’ll encounter a lot of kitchen tools, like toasters, coffee makers, popcorn machines, and many other automatic machines, you’ll need to brush up on your kitchen knowledge. Obviously, as more clients lose patience and require complex orders, each level will become increasingly difficult. Keeping up with the ever-growing demands is your responsibility, so you should level up your game. How will you perform?

Prepare sweets from around the world in the cooking fever online time management game! We offer a variety of environments and cooking techniques to practice your skills, ranging from fast food to oyster bars and fusion restaurants. Hundreds of delicious dishes can be prepared with more than 100 ingredients.

Several kitchen appliances are on display, ranging from coffeemakers to popcorn makers to pizza ovens. A more personal and memorable customer experience at your company can be made by making yourself free! Your kitchen needs to be updated and you should learn to cook a variety of dishes. Please enjoy preparing your favorite foods and sharing them with your cooking fever Facebook friends.

Some Features

  • 150 different ingredients used in over 400 recipes
  • 13 unique locations: Fast Food, Bakery, Chinese, Pizza, Seafood bistro, Indian, Breakfast Cafe, Sushi Bar, Sushi restaurant, Ice Cream bar, Paradise Cocktail Bar, Corn Dog Van, Cafe Mexico, and House of Crab. Other places are on the way!
  • Getting to the 400-level mark is the ultimate goal
  • cooking fever updates your kitchen appliances and interior design.


There are a bunch of exclusive features included in this patch apk update that makes this game more fun to play. The following traits may be present:

Different stages:

This game has more than 1,400 levels which are going to be challenging and challenging for you. Levels can be hard; they can be easy depending on the way you play. The other alternative is to go to that level again if you believe you didn’t win enough money the previous time. As you progress through the levels, new ones will appear, so it is wise to keep a watchful eye on them.

Variety of foods:

The is so realistic that it accurately determines how many ingredients are demanded each dish. 350 ingredients are contained in more than 1,300 words. It’ll take you a while before you download the app and you’ll be playing with all the spices and vegetables. You’ll find this game awesome if you have a strong bond with food.

Venus and Menu:

Serving food is just part of the game. You can also support clients by providing different kinds of food, such as fast food, fish, etc. There are different and up-to-date special locations.


Diamonds are earned by completing quests and challenges and can be used to unlock features. The only way to obtain these is to have a large number of coins and diamonds when you reach the stage. You can hack Cooking Fever Diamonds and get limitless diamonds.

Modified facilities:

Upgrading the facilities using gold and diamonds. The dish renderer facilitates rendering dishes faster and allows you to update progressively. In the course of the game, you are able to gain income by following the Cooking Fever apk limitless all. Then, you can have unlimited coins, money, and things to customize how you wish.

How can I get the Gems?

  1. Make the time seem shorter compared to the real thing. Setting the wireless LAN timeout sooner will enable you to change the time. If you keep reciting it a couple of times, you’ll get plenty of credits.
  2. At the top of the screen, expand the track of your experience levels. Each new level earns 7 gems. The only way to move on to the next EL is to keep playing at the same level and earn more gems.
  3. To find a wise investment, you need only make a nice one and you will be able to rest assured that you have picked the best gem to spend your money on. Don’t pay 3-star prices for any new restaurant.
  4. Make sure to play every day to get your reward.
  5. To earn more money, you need to make sure your restaurant has high profits. Play often at rent.

Download Cooking Fever APK Unlimited Money and gems 5.0.0

When you start cooking, we give you everything you need to know. Perhaps a restaurant that you like best will do for today, or maybe a bit of chocolate will work for you. With a total of 30 levels, I have to prepare a little meal at every opportunity in order to complete the level. 

There are some recipes that can be prepared easily, such as burgers or soda, and the recipes that you can make are quite complicated. By showing fast customers what happened there, you can attract more customers. For the constant tears, you shed all day, you earn more money from customers giving you more money. A three-star rating really comes only after one Starbucks visit. You have reached success above 38 levels. You can double it. More goodies can be found at this level.

Cooking Fever Unlimited Gold Coins and free Diamonds

Cooking Fever Unlimited Gold Coins and free Diamonds

A hack for Cook Fever is available. Although you can earn extra points without playing restaurant you will still earn a lot of points. Despite your best efforts, you eventually get fired from jobs at bakeries, fast-food outlets, and quick-service restaurants due to customer service distractions. I have difficulty recalling the feeling of playing this game.

Thai Restaurant I know we share a lot in common, and our fast food menus will benefit one another greatly. It would be better if you could make an appointment without James, but you do have a lot more space to purchase. It is usually closed when you go there, however, you may discover a bakery as you pass by. Leveling up and extra points increase if you get game experience.

For the highest quality of the Cooking Fever ( Unlimited Coins/Gems) Arcade application, we recommend downloading the latest version available. The Google Play Store has it for download. However, the original version can be only viewed there. Those who are having issues accessing or using the Google Play Store may download the modified version without issue.

All of your problems will be solved by us. The only clear evidence is that Cooking Fever ( Unlimited Coins/Gems) Apk is updated anywhere that can be found in the sites which mandate the app download.

The older links are only useful for launching older versions. You don’t need to worry if you cannot download this app for any reason from the Google Play Store. A link is provided which can be used to unlock all levels and modes of the upgraded version of the game. Simply install the Cooking Fever ( Unlimited Coins/Gems) Apk to get the latest version of the game.


Q: Is this game for Android users only?
No, the game is also available for iPhone, iPad, and PC.

Q: How to hack on the Cooking Fever apk?
This game gives you a lot of free stuff like unlimited gold, coins, diamonds, money, and so forth, so make sure you try it out. By using the “buy something without paying” feature, you can easily cheat on the game.

Q: Is Cooking Fever apk online or offline?
Playing this game online is recommended, however, if your internet connection is no good, you can play it offline.


A typical game, Cooking Fever is constantly updated. In order to attract players and compensate them for their losses, a range of new features is introduced. A newly updated Vegan Peak restaurant has just opened up across the street! A variety of organic produce is available here. Alps Resort service chain has just added a new restaurant. The program list is quite long as well. A nutritious bell pepper, maize cob, and aubergine platter will complement your salad, along with other healthy foods. The dishes are still prepared and served in an efficient European style.

Cooking Fever apk unlimited for updating your kitchen appliances or for purchasing new appliances, uninstall it. Almost everything is free of charge. You can enjoy the premium features of Cooking Fever on your Android device with the support of Cooking Fever. Cooking Fever apk iOS is also excellent for iPhone users.

If there is no Internet connection, how will you handle the situation? Because you do not need an internet connection to play the Cooking Fever apk, it is possible to play it offline. This awesome game can be downloaded right now!

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