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Here is a post showing you how to download the modified Aero WhatsApp APK. Because of the more features and the extra satisfaction, many users are converting to this app. Here is everything you need to know. Learn more by continuing to read. This book will change how you view the world forever.

Whenever we discuss all kinds of WhatsApp, we typically think of GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, all of which have become old by this time. There are so many bugs and disadvantages in them. If you would prefer a more modern model, you are at the right place, where you can find a number of new models.

What is Aero WhatsApp apk?

Aero WhatsApp Apk

The most recent WhatsApp application is the Aero APK, published in 2019. Fouad assisted Bozkurt Hazarr in its development. As a result, Bozkurt took those features and refined them to perfection. Other WhatsApp models have many of the same features as WA Aero.

In contrast, it’s completely different from what’s available in WhatsApp Aero, as you can read about in the article. We also offer WhatsApp and Instagram for those in search of them since our site offers both the most current and functioning apps.

Version Information

Here is the detail of the version.

  • The App is called Aero WhatsApp APK or WhatsApp Aero.
  • The sized of the setup is 68 MB.
  • The version name is 8.5.
  • The package is dual clone and unclone.
  • The App is an anti-ban App.

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DND mode

A DND mode can be selected by the App user for turning off the internet. It seems like you have turned off the internet.

Sharing media

There is a new limit on the number of images that one can share in one message, which is ten or more.

Video sharing limit

In addition, there is an increase in the video limit, enabling you to send videos up to 100 MB.


Titanium backups your data automatically, so you don’t have to worry about them.

proximity sensor

As a user, you have complete control over whether the proximity sensor is enabled or disabled.

Speaker control

Incoming sounds can be switched from earpieces to speakers and vice versa.

Send high resolution

High-resolution and high-quality images can be sent.


You can protect your App with a password. Besides this, there is also a security question associated with it.

Hide Media

Almost every media item can be hidden from the gallery. Having this feature means you can protect your personal photos, videos, and gifs.

UI setting

From the original App, it differs in terms of its settings UI.

Hide label

If you ever share something with others, it will label you that it is a forward message If you wish to disable forwarding, you can do so.

Anti-delete message & status

There is an option where you can prevent a message or status from being deleted if it is sent to you and deleted.

Call privacy

Choosing who is allowed to call you is possible.

Ticks privacy

There are three types of ticks you can hide: blue ticks, single ticks, and double ticks.

Font style

Styles of font can be changed.

customize screen

Customizing the conversation screen is possible through the App.

customize screen

It is possible to use various emojis. Also, Facebook emojis are available for use in your conversation.

Auto reply

With the App, you can speed communication by using the auto-reply feature.


The schedule feature can help you be more productive.

Story style

The Instagram story feature is available on your status.

How to install Aero WhatsApp Apk:

 It’s easy to install WhatsApp Aero APK, following our simple guide. After reviewing it, you can leave the website. Following these steps makes introducing WhatsApp Aero easy. 

  • Installing from unknown sources must first be enabled. 
  • Go to security-> permissions-> unknown source-> enable the unknown source to enable the installation from unknown sources. 
  • Install it by tapping on it. You can now find WhatsApp Aero APK in your gadget as soon as you have enabled installation from an unknown source. 
  • The APK is located here device-> storage-> downloads-> WhatsApp  Aero APK. 
  • Then, open the APK and tap on the install button. It won’t take long for the installation to be completed. 
  • Create your account after you have installed the APK. 
  • Your mobile number must be connected to your WhatsApp Aero account after you complete the OTP. In the event that you have backed up your files, you can restore them.

Why download WhatsApp Aero?

It is specifically for that reason that the new WhatsApp Aero APK is worth downloading, as you will see as you think about it. This provides us with a decent look at their unique interface. Its look, as well as its presentation, are important to the Aero model. Compared to other WhatsApp versions available today, this one is route ahead of all of them in terms of stability. This WhatsApp was created by Bozkurt Hazarr with an entirely new methodology for creating an APK.

Is Whatsapp Aero Safe?

Your gadget will be safe when you use the WhatsApp Aero APK. Unlike some third-party versions, WhatsApp Aero doesn’t require that you have root access. There are several risks associated with rooting a device. Neither the device is infected with malware. Consequently, WhatsApp Aero can be utilized without worrying about your gadget since it is completely secure.


Those who love vibrant colors and inspiring designs will appreciate Whatsapp Aero APK. Using this theme will never get boring since it provides different themes and designs for everybody to enjoy.

There are also many new features in this version including increased image and video sharing capabilities, making it a lot improved over the original. We recommend that you use it because once you try it, you won’t want to use WhatsApp again.


Q: How do I install WhatsApp Aero?
Unknown origins are allowed. Installing from untrusted sources requires you to grant access. This alien application isn’t accessible in the authoritative App stores because WhatsApp Aero can’t be downloaded there. You must allow obscure sources from settings-> security-> permissions-> unknown sources.

Q: How do I download WhatsApp Aero?
By simply tapping on the link below, you will be able to download the most current WhatsApp Aero APK. To properly connect this WA version, please review the installation guide.

Q: How do I update WhatsApp Aero?
This includes the latest version of  Instagram and WhatsApp. You can download the key by tapping the button. Nevertheless, prior to doing this, you may want to look at the APK version and the last time it was updated. By knowing the latest version, you can make informed decisions. 

While you In addition to uninstalling the old model, you can replace the APK file after you download the latest version.

Q: Is WhatsApp Aero safe?
Your gadget will be reliable when you use WhatsApp Aero APK. Unlike some third-party models, WhatsApp Aero does not require a rooted device to work. No one wants to root their devices. Neither is it dangerous. As a result, WA Aero is 100% safe for use, and you won’t have to worry about the safety of your gadget. 

Q: What is WhatsApp Aero?
One of the most recent adjustments to WhatsApp has been the Aero APK. The latest version of this game was created by Bozkurt Hazarr. Other WhatsApp versions include similar features as WA Aero does.  

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